London duo Circuit Breaker is the long running project of brothers Edward and Peter Simpson. Their music draws on minimal-synth ,post-punk , and dark-wave, mixing heavy and angular guitar work with glitchy and textural electronics.

The band have released two albums on legendary noise label Harbinger Sound, as well as two earlier EPs on Tombed Visions. They have toured all over the U.K and Europe with acts including Sleaford Mods and Consumer Electronics, as well as having recently supported artists such as Martin Rev, Ice Age and Uniform. A recorded collaboration with Russell Haswell is forthcoming.    

Driven along by the guitar and querulous alienated outsider vocals of Peter Simpson and perilously assisted and/or interfered with by all manner of analogue ramalama, these uncontrollable gremlins in Circuit Breaker’s machine – those elements that most musicians would seek to extinguish – are the very elements that make this band” – Julian Cope 

Photo by Harry Taylor