Hands Return To Shake


“Circuit Breaker are a band split in half. On the one hand, there is the jagged guitar and maudlin singing of Peter Simpson, which slots into the lineage of expansive and gothic punk ala Killing Joke , Bauhaus , Wire ,etc. Pushing against it is the production approach of his brother Edward. Washes of glassy FM Synth melodies are counterbalanced with bursts of electronic harshness, recalling artists such as Autechre & Pan Sonic. “Hands Return To Shake” is the second full length from the London based group and also their second release for longstanding outlier label Harbinger Sound.

Moving on from the previous record, “My Descent Into Capital”, “Hands Return…” is a much more personal and emotive work. Simultaneously a re-affirmation and a deconstruction of influences, the orthodoxies of minimal-synth and post-punk are stretched and squeezed to breaking point. Circuit Breaker are a band who relish in holding together contradictions. Both a rock band and an electronic act , they have a blunt and direct production approach which, nether-the-less, is full of technical detail. ‘Hands Return To Shake’ will likely win them fans from a vast array of genres, from Industrial-Rock to IDM and everything in-between, providing it is dark, synthetic and angular. The recording was mastered by Stephen Bishop”